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12 Week Healing Inflammation Reset

One-on-One Health Coaching Program

Would you like to have your energy back, lose weight, and reduce pain caused by inflammation throughout you body?

Let me guess...

▷ You’ve been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease or just have too many symptoms and know something is wrong but feel lost on where to start to begin healing
▷ You’ve gone from doctor to doctor without answers and are being told its all in your head or your numbers look ‘healthy’
▷ You’re ready to get rid of the daily systematic inflammation symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, pain, hair loss, constipation, gut issues, etc
▷ You don’t know how or what to eat to reduce inflammation and need accountability and  guidance in the kitchen
▷ You are tired of not having the answers and want to feel like yourself again to live your best life
▷ You're overwhelmed and stressed by everything you need to do to overcome this disease/inflammation
▷ You feel disconnected with your friends and family because they don’t understand what you’re feeling or going through
▷ You have daily cravings for sugar, bread, and salty things but overall eat healthy and don't understand why you aren't losing weight


Over the next 12 weeks as your coach, I will help you get your life back, get to the root of your symptoms and teach you to fuel your body with nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, balanced meals! We will find lifestyle habits and ways to detox your life that WORK FOR YOU, to reduce symptoms so you feel empowered to heal your body and make the best choices. You will no longer be in fear of the disease and be ready to take on whatever it throws at you!

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Meet your Health Coach

My health journey goes back to growing up with chronic sore throats and stomach issues that no doctors could get to the bottom of. It wasn’t until I graduated college, when my brain fog was so bad I couldn’t remember my friends names, the bloating, gas and constipation was so painful it wasn’t even worth eating & I was so exhausted after sleeping 8 hours at night, that I knew something was really wrong.

I finally found a functional medicine doctor and holistic health coach who got to the root of my issues and discovered my Hashimoto's, mold and leaky gut. Through perseverance, diet and lifestyle changes, I have been able to reverse most symptoms!

I know first hand the confusion and fear of living with 'unknown' symptoms/ getting diagnosed with things you have never heard of, and feeling as if you have no where to turn.

I want to be able to provide the knowledge, guidance and accountability to people struggling with similar issues and this is exactly why I started this program!

After spending years dealing with weird symptoms and living with them every day, I finally decided it was time to put the work in, find the root cause and get the help I really needed. I committed to eating the right foods, and sticking with it this time, and detoxing my whole life from toxins and negative thoughts and energy. I was finally able to put an end to the vicious cycle of fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and weight gain and put myself first!

This program is for anyone diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease, been recently diagnosed or lives with inflammation symptoms, takes care of everyone else but themself and is finally ready to feel better and tear down the obstacles keeping them from feeling like their best self.

I will be there for every step of the way, giving you the resources, teaching you the tools and keeping you accountable to the life you want to live!

Together We Will Work On:

▷ Breaking limiting beliefs you have about yourself (“I can’t, not enough time”)
▷ How to use food as medicine to reduce your inflammation and detox
▷ Mindset shift- being in control of your negative thoughts and how to break free from them
▷ How to detox you life from everyday toxins, keeping you sick
▷ Simple lifestyle changes to get you feeling your best while living with an autoimmune disease

What the Healing Inflammation Program Includes:

▷ 12 weeks of personalized support from me

▷ (6) 50 minute 1-on-1 calls via zoom

▷ Easy and delicious anti-inflammatory recipes and cooking tips to alleviate gut issues and remove stress around everyday eating

▷ Detailed notes from each session including recommendations and any resources to help you take action

▷ Actionable steps to reach your goals that are customized to your specific needs

▷ Unlimited email support to ask any questions to keep you accountable to stay on track

BONUS: ($320 value)

You’ll also get an additional workshop with me where we’ll do an anti-inflammatory cooking class OR a grocery store tour OR a pantry detox. Your choice!


TODAY’S INVESTMENT= $1,050 (only 3 spots left!)