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The mission behind Mck Wellness is to nourish the mind & body through sustainable lifestyle habits and nutrient dense anti-flammatory foods, leading to a balanced, fulfilled and healthy life!

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Holistic Health Coaching

Get to the bottom of your health issues and live a happy healthy life! 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we develop a personalized plan to reach your wellness goals. Book your free consultation today!

Anti-Inflammatory Cooking Classes

Diagnosed with SIBO, leaky gut, candida, food sensitivities or an autoimmune disease and are lost on what to eat and how to prepare food? I'll teach you simple cooking techniques, tips, tricks and healthy alternatives to heal your gut and take the stress out of cooking!

Personal Chef

Personalized menu cooked in your kitchen or mine. I shop, cook and clean up so no fuss to you!


Brand collaborations, recipe development, hire me for a wellness retreat etc. Let's work together!


“Thank YOU!! We LOVE your food. It is phenomenal!! You are a blessing in our lives. Kids are soooo happy”

Rebecca S.

“It's incredible! We love the food. The range of dishes is great for us (gf / df/ v, etc.) There's something for everyone and it's so much tastier than take out. You have a gift. Thank you”

Patricia A.

“As always, I loved the overnight oats. The eggs bites, couscous, bbq chicken salad, brownies and granola bites also great. The variety every week is really good too.”

Karyn E.

“I've noticed when I eat your food for a whole day, I feel so much better. Small nuances.... but I don't feel bloated, I don't have energy spikes and then lows, & I feel satisfied.”

Patricia A.